Poker is a card game which mostly a kind of gambling game where a certain amount of money is being competed for. It can be played by 6 to 10 players or even more but this is the most advisable number. Chess is however a board game that is played by two players on a dimensioned board using some characters like king, bishop and many more. These games are very famous and are played all over the world to even international level. They are engaging and require a player to be fast at thinking and implementing ideas. Like all other games, for one to win, it requires a combination of luck and skill. However, luck in this case is not of the same level in these games but differs depending on the competition.

Both chess and poker are games that need one to think before making any move and so, they are engaging games to every player. However, the more complicated of the two games is poker and therefore the game that can make one smarter. The fact that poker can make one smarter than chess has been supported by well-researched points. These points include:

When playing poker, one has to master the skill of reading their opponent as the game is ongoing to help one to understand the specific tactics of the opponent. This is an important factor in chess because being able to understand the opponent allows one to know the method one is to use to counter the opponent’s moves. It is an added advantage to one because for every move the opponent makes, you will have expected it and therefore will have the right answer to the move. Reading the opponent reduces the chance of confusion in the game and is a form of virtual plan in winning the game.

Poker games are won through the making of risks that essentially allow the progress of the game. When playing any poker game, one has to risk so a clear breakthrough can be achieved. Therefore, one has to think critically of the sacrifice one has to make that will lead to one winning the game. Risk is an essential part of the game if progress is to be achieved. Thinking about the best way to take the risk is the engaging part because a wrong choice may lead to one losing the game. This part of the game is therefore complimented by first reading the opponents and the way they are playing their game.

It is difficult to master every move when playing poker because different opponents have different ways of playing. In a game of poker, one never knows the next move that the opponent will make. This is why poker is known to be a game of chance because it largely depends on the luck of the player. Therefore, when one is playing poker, one must be prepared for any move from the opponent. Poker games therefore demand that players be flexible to change their game at any point of the game. Chess is different, for one can master the different moves in the game of chess and ultimately become the winner of every game one encounters.

When one is playing poker, one has to have an optimistic mindset that promotes perseverance in one. As one is playing poker, one can never be entirely sure of the outcome because the game can take a turn of events at any time. Therefore, the player should always be ready for any result and also be prepared to be emotionally strong even when the game seems to be going in a badly. If one seems to be losing to the opponent, one should be optimistic that the game will turn in one’s favor in the end.This kind of centrality is important and helpful to one as the game is in progress. Being optimistic and being able to control one’s emotions is one of the main reasons that leads to the conclusion that poker makes one smarter.

Brainstorming is the major activity while playing poker. When one playing poker, the main thing that one is involved in, is thinking of the possible ways of winning the game. In one poker game, one can use many tactics to secure a win. These tactics are mostly thought of when one is at the table and therefore, brainstorming is done constantly by the players.